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Tests and Inspections

Our testing capabilities meet the expectations of the customer and depending on the design of the product, the choice of components the production process and the volume of the lots, we develop test strategy to deliver the highest quality product.

The experience developed in many years on a wide range of products and continuous investments allow us to optimize the testing phases, and its level of quality.


Electrical Test

Macchina Agilent 2In Circuit Test (ICT)

The In-Circuit test system Agilent 3070 Series 3, allows an effective test for a wide range of defects in assembly and components.



Functional Test

The functional test systems could be provided directly by our customers. Alternatively, we deal directly with the development and construction (Hw, Sw, Test Fixtures).



Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

The AOI system, Omron VT-RNS, allows us the inspection of components, leads and soldering.