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Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)

A partner you can count on… Swiss production at competitive prices… high quality for the electronics

Welcome at Juri Elettronica Industriale SA. We are an experienced electronics company providing complete manufacturing services. As a full-solution supplier, we offer cost-effective services in all phases of the electronic product lifecycle: from material purchasing to supply chain management and assembly of printed circuit boards (PCB), from testing to after-sales services. In addition, we offer complete cable manufacturing.

Thanks to our fifty-year-long experience and consolidated know-how in the electronics manufactory domain, we keep pro-actively improving the quality of our services, optimizing value chain in terms of lean management which ensures speed, reliability and flexibility. We offer continuous added value by means of the most modern production equipment and state-of-the-art technologies.  We aim to ensure the highest quality by tailoring our services to the needs of the customers, through product innovation, cost-savings, improved quality standards and time-reducing to market.

Our Goals

Our goals consist in the continuous effort for improvement to create and deliver value to customers. We strive to constantly refine our quality, increase our efficiency, and elevate the level of customer service through the expert management of the supply chain.

Our Skills

Adolfo Juri Elettronica Industriale SA offers its clients a complete service of industrialization and purchasing for the prototyping and production of PCBs with the required inspection and tests.

Material Management

The ongoing analysis on the costs and on the quality of the components on the market, allows us to provide clients with custom-made solutions catered to their needs and at competitive prices.



Depending on the customers’ specific requirements, we perform THT (conventional technique) and SMT (surface mount technique) PCBs assemblies. Our specialist staff of the repair department is at our clients’ disposal for any kind of re-work and repair operations.



We provide our customers a fifty-year-long know-how and experience resulting in optimized processes, cost effectiveness, high level of flexibility, repetitive flow production and fast response time. 

Testing and Inspections

In collaboration with the customer, we develop strategies and testing procedures. For each project, the quality plan defines the process controls and the testing operations. 



Adolfo Juri Elettronica Industriale
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