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Founded in 1965 by Mario Juri and his son Adolfo, currently the Managing Director of the family-run business, Adolfo Juri Elettronica Industriale SA boasts a half-century experience in printed circuit boards and cable assembly. For over 50 years, the firm constantly updated production techniques, moving from the early conventional to the latest automated assembly and testing technologies, which make for fast response and versatility. By virtue of the expertise and competencies of its dedicated employees and state-of-the-art machinery, Juri Elettronica is a solid and reliable future-oriented firm, able to meet the highest demands and aiming to supply advanced and sustainable solutions.

Business Development

1995 – First Juki Pick & Place and screen printer MPM and ISO 9002 certification.

2000 – Factory Expansion and renovation of the production facilities.

2000 – Pick & place “Juki FS750-FM760”, screen printer “Ekra X5”, reflow “SMT Quattro Peak (N2)”,Wave soldering SEHO 2040 Nitrogen.

2001 – In-Circuit Test “Agilent 3070”.

2003 – After-sales department for the repairing of PCBs and UPS.

2007 – Implementation of an ERP system.

2007 – Pick & Place “Juki KE2050” and screen printer “Ekra X5”.

2010 – Pick & Place “Juki KE2060” reflow oven “SMT Quattro Peak”.

2010 – Post Reflow AOI “OMRON”.

2013 – Screen printing Juki GKG, Pick&Place “Juki KE2070.

2015 – Pick & Place 2 Mounters “Juki KE2080”.

Markets and Customers

Demanding partners have encouraged us to relentlessly improve our working methods and processes. The long cooperation with major cutting-edge international companies allows us to boast and offer high-standard quality outputs and services.

We are mainly active in the following sectors:

Industry, Telecommunications, Equipment, Automation, Energy.



Thanks to well-established logistics and administrative processes and to our highly-motivated and well-trained personnel, we guarantee the supply of materials and an accurate order management as well as a quality tailored customer service.

Our company occupies about 40 employees mainly from the local area. This is our active and direct involvement with a coherent strategy to support the region.