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Surface Mounting Assembling

Adolfo Juri Elettronica Industriale SA is equipped with the best available cutting-edge technology for the automatic assembly of SMD (surface mount device) and has a deep knowledge in the mounting of complex electronic boards with high-mix variability. Its core business is to provide PCB assembly services for prototypes and samples as well as for repeated orders in small or medium-sized batches. The qualified personnel is at your service to meet your business needs for PCB assembling of either single, flexible, multi-layer or rigid PCBs.


SMT Equipment

Juri’s SMT sector is equipped with three production lines with independent loading and unloading system and fully automatic screen-printing machines.

Relying on the efficiency of Juki’s assembly lines and the accuracy of Ekra’s screen-printing, we ensure the highest level of the product manufacturing quality, whereas the SMT reflow ovens Four Peak® L (N2) achieves reliable, repeatable results in the soldering process.


To inspect the SMD placement and reflow we adopt a post-reflow off-line OMRON AOI system.

The production areas are air-conditioned and subject to the ESD protection standards.



Packages and Sizes:

  • Top and bot assembly
  • Trays and sticks
  • All reels components up to 02012
  • IC maximum dimension, 100 mm
  • Fine Pitch 0,4 mm
  • UBGA, Ball Grid Array (BGA)
  • Quad Flat Package (QFP)
  • PCB from 50 x 50 mm to 450 x 360 mm